Player's First
Player's First
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About Us


why the ASTERISk?  

When people see our name they always ask "did you mean to put the asterisk?".  The answer is simple: YES we did mean to put that asterisk.  We put the asterisk in the Player's because the mission of our business is about the Player's needs, about the Player's development, about the Player's strengths, about the Player's weaknesses, and about the Player's lives.  

Player's First was established 26 years ago as a means for players to receive instruction on how to develop their basketball skills to the fullest and to achieve their dreams on the court and off the court.  We do this by using basketball as our delivery system but not as the end result.  We want more than just basketball players to leave every one of our sessions, camps and teams.  We want young adults who are equipped to become the leaders of tomorrow.  We want leaders who have moral and ethical standards and will keep honest to those standards in every part of their lives.  The real mission of Player's First isn't about the wins and the losses.  It isn't about points and assists.  It is about the success of young people.  It is about the building of confidence in those same young people.  It is about how we make sure we always but the PLAYER'S FIRST.