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Player's First offers a full service recruiting service.  Our recruiting success stems from our relationship with the needs and wants of college coaches.  We concentrate our services on how to best provide the college coaches with the information and opportunity to get to know your student/athletes.  We do this by constantly speaking to college coaches and finding what they are looking for, how they are looking for it, and in what are the best ways for them to find the student/athletes that they need to keep their programs successful.  We do not spend our time on social media talking about the players in the top 100.  We spend our time talking about the players that are day in and day out busting their butts everyday to beat whatever player is in front of them no matter what number is beside their name.  

We promote players to college coaches by simply providing the college coaches with the information and opportunity to meet the players that employ our services.  We do this by constant communication through several media outlets including, social media, email, live events, recruiting newsletters, and recruiting phone calls.  We constantly everyday work to promote your student/athlete but this only works as best if they work just as hard to promote themselves.  Your student/athlete must be willing to put in the time it takes necessary to communicate constantly with college coaches and keep them informed of their academic and athletic achievements.  This recruiting process only works if the student/athlete is willing to work just as hard on their recruiting as they are on the floor.  We can lead you down the recruiting path but you have to clear it yourself.  

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