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Player's First
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Skill Sessions


skills sessions

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Basketball Skills Sessions are the cornerstone of what our business was built on.  We believe that basketball fundamentals are the least but most important skills that need to be mastered in this game.  Our skill sessions are fundamental based.  Mastery of the basic fundamentals leads to the ability to learn more advanced offensive moves.  In our 26 years of experience, we have found that basing our skill sessions on the mastery of fundamentals have enabled our players to become standouts on their high school and college teams.  We use these skill sessions to not only teach individual offensive moves but also to find open teammates.  We are dedicated to making sure each player becomes a complete team player.   During these sessions, we concentrate on making sure we are increasing each player's basketball intelligence by explaining the WHY of each move and at the end of each session.  Players who know the WHY of learned skills will be able to execute those skills at a higher level than those players who are taught an endless amount of drills.  

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Area Skill Sessions


St. Louis/Principia H.S. - $20

Weekly Group Sessions:

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St. James/ Assembly of God Church Gym - $15

Weekly Group Sessions: (Groups are larger than 8)

Monday Nights:  Boys and Girls

Session 1:    5:30 - 2nd thru 5th Grade

Session 2:   6:30 - 6th thru 12th Grade

Grandview/ Grandview H.S. - $15

Weekly Group Sessions: (Groups are larger than 8)

Tuesday and Thursday Nights:  Boys and Girls

Session 3:   6:00 - 4th thru 12th Grade

Session 4:   7:00 - 4th thru 12th Grade

St. Clair/ St. Clair - $15

Weekly Sessions:


Special Sessions


individual shooting sessions - $30

Individual shooting sessions are one hour long with a variety of shots performed at a high level.  An emphasis on using the P.O.I.N.T.S. system to become a better shooter.  


Individual Skills sessions - $30

Individual skills sessions are one hour long with a emphasis on a fundamental skill and building up to advanced options out of that move.  



Preseason S&C/Skill Sessions - 2 hours          S30/session or 8 sessions/$195

Group Strength and Conditioning Sessions for one hour followed by a one hour basketball skill session.  Preparing athletes for upcoming basketball seasons.  Locations vary.  

Sign up and prepay for 5 sessions or 2 sessions with 2 camps and receive a 20% coupon.  


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Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations given within 4 hours of the Session can be rescheduled to another time slot or location simply email: or text Coach Ro at 636-579-1166.  No cancellations or refunds will be made within 4 hours of each session.