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Player's First 2019

The Player's First 2019 team is full of qualified student/athletes.  This team has a group GPA of 3.83 and are all high scoring threats on the court.  This group is made up of two combo guards, two three point specialist in SF, and three 6' post players.  


Player's First 2020

The Player's First 2020 team is one of the best teams in the state of Missouri with not only incredible basketball talent but a team GPA of 3.90.  This group is made up of one point guard, three combo guards, one 5'10" SF and one 6'1" SF, and includes one 6'0" post and one 6'3 post.  Team Record is 25-9 for 2018


Player's First 2023

Player's First 2023 is a team in transition this year with a core of five very talented players.  These five players will be back in the fall with a great supporting cast and at that point the rest of the state better watch out.  


Player's First 2024

Player's First 2024 team is a new team this year and has already proven to be one of the most talented groups at this grade level.  Keep an eye out on this tremendous group in the future.